Saying Goodbye to Asia

Disclaimer: As most of you know, we have been home from Asia for about a month now, but we thought it wouldn’t be right to not complete the stories from our trip on our blog. SO, here are some stories and pictures from our last 2 weeks in Taiwan, enjoy:


“You click it.”

“No, you click it.”

“I can’t.”

“Me neither!” Continue reading


It’s More Fun in the Philippines

We haggardly stumbled into the Manila airport at 3:20 in the morning, thanks to a ridiculously cheap flight on Cebu Air.  Half sleep walking, we passed through immigration and were greeted by a huge poster that read “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” Since we only were in Manila for 4 days as a visa run from Taiwan, we hoped to make this poster slogan a reality by embracing everything we could during of our short time there. Continue reading

Storytelling through Taiwan

If we ever become famous, we will be prepared for the excitement and burden that comes with being a celebrity. For the last 5 weeks we have had line-ups of 30-40 kids waiting for our autographs! The moment we step on a school campus for our volunteering, every eye is on our tall, light skinned, and light haired bodies. The brave ones follow us to get a closer look, the shy ones whisper, giggle, and run away. Jr. High and High School students scream and gasp when we enter a room. Continue reading

Taiwan: Asia’s Best Kept Secret

Do you want to know our secret to why we love traveling?

We don’t plan ahead. When we enter a country we never know our exit date until right before we leave. This way, if something comes up that we want to stay for, we are not constrained by a flight out. We keep ourselves open for new adventures at all times. However, this mentality led us to a frantic and unsuccessful several days of trying to book a dirt cheap flight to the Philippines, while we only had a couple days left on our Vietnam Visa. Continue reading

Cambodia: First Impressions are Deceiving

Our first impression of Cambodia was not great. We were warned ahead of time to be aware of scammers at the border of Thailand and Cambodia, but we were not prepared for how true this was. After a smooth trip on the Thailand side, we walked right into absolute chaos on the Cambodia side. Immediately people were yelling at us, following us, and directing us in all different directions to different scamming offices where they could charge us double the official price for a Cambodian visa. Continue reading

A Day in the Life of our Lao Family

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we arrived in Savannakhet, Laos. We knew we would be teaching and living with a Lao family, but we didn’t know that we would instantly become a daughter, son, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, and grandchildren to a very large (15 people living at home) and incredibly loving Lao family. Since there are enough stories from our three weeks of volunteering in Laos to write a novel, we will just give you a sneak peek into what a typical day looked like for us: Continue reading

Searching for the true Laos

Upon arriving in Vientiane, Laos we were quickly whisked away in a taxi to a residence encircled by a huge white wall with big black spikes on top. 3 security guards emmerged and discussed our presence with our taxi driver. Are we at the right place??? We wondered.

“Welcome to the US Ambassador of Laos’ Residence.” A friendly woman greeted us who we later found out was the ‘house manager.’ We were given a tour of the grounds, including a tennis court and swimming pool and then directed into the house where we passed pictures of the Ambassador with Hilary Clinton and George Bush before arriving at our beautiful bedroom. Continue reading